The ALTIA Solution

The Opportunity

ALTIA offers higher-level real estate facilities, and has ample capacity to offer services with the highest quality standards by maximizing resources, reducing costs, increasing profits, and providing increased contact with customers. Together with low operating costs and availability of bilingual human resources, this represents attractive opportunities to promote Global Business Services.

Turnkey Solutions at a Nearshore Location

  • Safe and cost-competitive nearshore location
  • Largest English speaking population in Central America
  • Among the lowest telecom costs in the region
  • Reliable communications infrastructure through 3 fiber optic submarine cables
  • A multidisciplinary team aimed to help you conduct a successful operation
  • Solid legal framework for investment ensuring the safety and continuity of business relations
  • Reduced training costs and operation uptime through a network of strategic partners and alliances
  • Sustainable development guaranteeing energy efficiency and eco-friendly, low-cost workspaces
  • Secure business environment fully operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year




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Focus on your Core Business

ALTIA Business Park creates value through intelligent design with efficient energy use. It is a platform and the Honduras' flagship project to develop the outsourcing service industry. Altia is in line with LEED certification standards, translating to a cost competitive energy savings of 20-30% lower than standard consumption. Connected to the NAP of the Americas through 3 fiber optic submarine cables, Altia provides high quality and cost effective telecommunications.

ALTIA Business Park is based as a free zone, which means you are exempt of any local or national tax. A network of strategic partners and alliances help you reduce your curve of experience costs and business operation uptime. ALTIA's multidisciplinary team can deliver turnkey workspaces based on your requirements and needs as well as provide specialized services to let you focus entirely on your core business.