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2nd Global Contact Forum

During the second week of March, the 2nd Global Contact Forum took place in Mexico City. The event, once again hosted by the IMT, was graced with the presence of keynote speakers such as Peter Ryan (Ovum), Juan Manuel Gonzales (Frost & Sullivan), Anupam Govil (Global Equations), Keith Fiveson (ITESA), among others. The exh i b i t hal l inc lu ded l i ve demonstrations and latest products and services of renowned global companies, such as, Huawei, Telvista, Atento, Altia Business Park, Avaya and others.


Nearshore Nexus

With a really nice weather, in Jersey City, the inaugural edition of the Nearshore Nexus Executive Summit took place, hosted by our friends from Nearshore Americas.

It was a one-day event that reunited top-executives from different parts of the world that are actively involved in the outsourcing industry.


During the last two weeks of February, we dedicated ourselves to relaunch a very aggressive marketing campaign for our Job Fair "SIGN UP GET A JOB", which was held in Altia Business Park. Press Conference, Newspapers, radio, TV. You name it! We where there! The response received was amazing, nearly 3,000 people showed up very early in the morning, decided to step into the world of business.tification.

The event was organized for 4 US based companies involved in the tele service industry, and that are looking for emerging markets in near shore locations.

Their agenda included visits to bilingual schools, universities, FIDE (promotion
investment agency), a trip to the amazing Copan Ruins and the job fair.

Executives from this companies where also involved in the interviews with the potent ial employees, proving by themselves the excellent abilities of the human resource Honduras has.

During the job fair individual interviews where held during the day, letting us increase our database to more than 4,000 bilingual people.

The event was cataloged as successful by organizers, clients, sponsors and media.



LEED Certification - Professional Training by Eco Sync (Jul 31, 2010)

Alongside with Mexican firm EcoSync Green Consulting, Altia Business Park executives and investors expect to transform it into the first eco-friendly business and technology park in Latin America. In order to accomplish these goals, Altia’s team has started a training program with Roberto Morelos Zaragoza (EcoSync Consultant), focused on how to construct responsibly, a subject that involves three major points according to Morelos: “ Energetic efficiency and performance, environmental care, and healthcare inside the building”, with the objective to acquire LEED certification.

LEED training includes: Measures that facilitate the rational and efficient use of water and energy, reduction of sanitary discharges, and use of sustainable materials. Roberto Morelos concludes that “Without any doubt, Altia will be an example to Latin America” and added “Altia will put Honduras on the radar of multinational corporations whose primary concern lies not only in reducing costs through optimization of energy consumption, but also environmental, community, and personnel care”.

Altia involves the use of sustainable resources and installation of technologies that will allow energy savings and architectural constructions that take advantage of day light, as well as the recycling and waste management processes.


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