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Corporate Social Responsability

Children’s Day Celebration

September 10th was a day of festivity for the future of our country, that is why at Altia Business Park, we took a couple of hours of our time and celebrated with the youngest students of “Escuela 18 de Noviembre”, the public rural school that has been part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

With the collaboration of the team of Altia’s employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers, we attended full of “piñatas”, sweets, popcorn and drinks, which the youngest ones enjoyed to the fullest!



In Sync with education!
“18 de noviembre” is the public school of Armenta, a poor, rural village located 2 km away from Altia Business Park. The school has more than 700 students that attend classes in day and evening shifts.

In March 2010, Altia contacted the school aimed to start its corporate social responsibility project, by helping them with their needs. Immediately the school’s principal responded us with its approval and with a list of basic needs that included seats, tap water and the construction of one of the classrooms.

With the generosity of different companies, we received donations of 60 seats, 2 water dispensers, 20/5- gallon bottles of purified water and Gerber for nursery kids.

On May 22nd a small event was held at the school to deliver the donations. Employees, school staff, teachers, students and parents attended this event, which showed us how grateful people can be at small things that we usually take for granted.

The school’s principal in behalf of all students, teachers and parents, showed how excited they where with the donation, since they have never received any support from the government or any other organization. Through the event students participated in small acts that includes songs and poems, thanking us for our small donation.

This is just the beginning of a wonderful experience that touches hearts and makes us feel grateful of what we have. Our goal is not just to cover its physical needs, but to help them prepare for the future, with a better education.



Environment conservation and legislation fulfillment are part of the Social Corporate Responsibility in a company. Social responsibility in environmental subjects surpasses purely enterprise aspects, assuring the conservation the natural resources and the sustainable development of the country.

Altia Business Park execution strategy is also on line with the Green Building Practices. The Green approach is being implemented in every step of the design to further move towards LEED certification of buildings. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the main objectives of Altia promoting a while building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, material selection and indoor environmental quality.  Finally, Altia Business Park’s main objective is transforming the built environment to sustainability and to provide to all their customers a unique place to work inside a Socially Responsible Company.


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