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Why Honduras?

Real Estate Modern Infrastructure

Real estate cost is also a big factor. Considering that a Class A office space would have a cost of US$26 per square meter in Costa Rica and US$30 in Panama, Altia Business Park offers world class infrastructure at a cost of US$20. This is the lowest comparing it to any other Latin American countries. (Buenos Aires is around US$35 per square meter; Mexico City is around US$40.) Guatemala and Nicaragua confront serious circulation and traffic problems, with lower bilingual populations than Honduras.

World Class Telecommunication Infrastructure

Honduras is also the only Central America country with a world-class telecommunication infrastructure, connected through three submarine cables, Energía 1, Maya 1 and Arcos, to the main internet and communication backbone in the U.S, providing 99.99% redundancy.

Strategic Location

Honduras is in the heart of the Americas. It is located only two hours by air and 48 to 72 hours by sea to the U.S, near the manufacturing centers of North America and the largest market in the world. Honduras serves as a distribution platform of Central America. It offers among the lowest logistical costs in the region. Honduras is also appealing due to its proximity to the similar time zones, cultural affinity and availability of workers.

Honduras Facts


Right in the heart of Central America, with Guatemala to the West, El Salvador on the Southwest and Nicaragua to the East. Honduras is a completely tropical country, with access to the Pacific Ocean on the Southwestern part of the territory, and to the Caribbean Ocean on the North.


Tegucigalpa 14°6′N 87°13′W / 14.1, -87.217

Official Languages



Total 112,492 km² (102nd)43,278 sq mi


August 2009 estimate 7,810,848² (93rd)
2000 census 6,975,204
Density 64/km² (128th) 166/sq mi

GDP 2010 Estimate

$17.493 billion
Per capita $2,150.00

GINI (2003)

53.8 (high)


0.700 (medium) (115th)


Lempira (HNL)

Time Zone

CST (UTC-6) Drives on the right

Internet TLD


Calling Code


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