The Opportunity

The Location

With the recent profusion of outsourcing in Central and Latin America, Honduras is emerging as a hotspot, possessing certain unique advantages compared to its neighbors in Central America. It has one of the most liberalized Telecom markets in Central America with the lowest wholesale rates. But most importantly, Honduras has one of the highest populations of true bilingual workers that are in increasingly in demand by US outsourcers. Being the second largest country in the region, Honduras has sufficient human resources to serve the BPO, ITO sector growth for several years without facing the recent kinds of saturation, attrition or cost escalation faced by Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama.

Cost Comparision in Central America

Labor Pool Bilingual Schools Avg. Salary
GUA less than 5,000 26 $540 / mo
HON 75,000 728 $448/ mo
ELS less than 5,000 55 $550 / mo
NIC 4,000 5 $575 / mo
CR 15,000 35 $650 / mo



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Honduras Statistics as of 2013

Est. Population


Est. GDP/year

$18.54 billion

Service Industry

60.8% of GDP

GDP per capita


Est. GDP Growth


Bilingual Schools


Bilingual Population


Average Agent Salary

$4,000-$6,000 / year

Submarine Com. Cables


Telecom Providers


Est. Telecom Growth


Government Incentives

In May 2011, Congress approved legislature that promotes employment and investment protection, ensuring investors a legal framework that offers guarantees of protection for their capital.

The recently adopted law was a priority for both domestic and foreign investment, and represents the best interests of Honduras to promote growth and investment development. These laws intend to attract investment with broad participation by the private sector, on national and international levels to reduce unemployment and poverty, by promoting corporate social responsibility.