The Future

The Framework

Honduras will become the new hot spot for BPO, ITO's and contact centers due to several factors:

  • Labor shortage in neighbor countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica are all struggling to supply and sustain growth in the BPO, ITO industry
  • The world financial crisis will keep on putting pressure on global companies to look for the cost competitive advantages of outsourcing services, and Latin America/Central America is a perfect nearshore location
  • Competitive labor costs will create an increasing interest in opening an operation in Honduras
  • U.S. Hispanic market will keep on boosting the demand for bilingual services
  • Honduras will be the only country in Central America that will be able to supply the necessary labor pool, which will provide sustainability to the industry




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The Outlook

The recent approval of the part time labor law opens a whole new market of opportunities for students that could not work and study at the same time. Hondurans are ready to work and excited about the new opportunities that the BPO, ITO and teleservice industry have to offer. Our data has shown very low attrition rates. It is clear that students are eager to be part of this industry and want to work at Altia Business Park.

Hondurans have a deep desire to learn, and an unbreakable determination to overcome difficulties. We are outspoken, cheerful and have a high work ethic. We envision a better Honduras and are not only dreamers, but also change makers! We are a humble country that passionately believes in peace and democracy and that this is a land of opportunities.

Honduras is a country with the right infrastructure and the human capital, perfect for a nearshore operation. San Pedro Sula is a vibrant city with the business environment aimed for successful ventures and Altia Business Park is a world-class business and technology park with all the required energy, telecommunications, security and modern office space. All of these factors together provide a real cost-competitive advantage for a turnkey solution at a nearshore location.