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Altia Business Park


Why Locate at Altia Business Park?

• Safe & Cost-Competitive Near Shore Location: Honduras offers the most cost competitive solution in the near shore area in a safe, stable environment

• Positive Business Environment: Solid legal framework for investment ensure the safety and continuity of business relations.

• Largest English speaking and IT population in Central America (410 bilingual schools), almost 100% more than the rest of Central American countries combined (Approximately 100,000 people in the country)

• Honduras is connected to the NAP of the Americas through 3 submarine cables, which provide reliable communications infrastructure

• We have in place a network of strategic partners and alliances to help you reduce your curve of experience costs and your time to have running an operation

• Your company will have at your service a multidisciplinary team aimed to help you have a successful operation: human resource, engineering, logistics, etc

• Design and performance will be combined to obtain the highest efficiencies possible and generate an incomparable work experience. Altia’s focus on sustainable development guarantees that it’s buildings will be more energy efficient, produce less contamination and will be more comfortable, have lower costs and be healthier work spaces.

• All office spaces come equipped with technological infrastructure for telecommunications and high-speed information transmission though an optical fiber network.

• Altia Business Park will be a secure business environment during it´s services and operation 24 hours a day, providing private access through a permanent closed circuit watch and secured Triple Play access the park, buildings and floors.

• The park will have superior amenities for a project of this type, including a parking lot with 800 spaces, an open plaza and a commercial area with restaurants, convenience stores, a clinic, drug store, gymnasium, Internet café, bookstores, beauty parlor, travel agency, dry-cleaning, quiet room and more services planned to make easier and more comfortable your life at work.

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