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Strategic Partners

Telecorp (

Telecorp is a company that develops in the honduran market by offering connectivity services such as data transport, videoconference and internet.
As well as consultancy services to the corporate and SME sector for the design and integration of IP telecommunications.

Telecorp has technology partners such as Asterisk, Cisco, Scala, Linksys, among others


Interior Concepts (

As call center manufacturers, Interior Concepts offers you one-stop shopping. We manufacture and design bullpen cubicles, training room furniture, administrative office furniture, and everything in between. You will receive a better solution with Interior Concepts because we know call centers. Our design experts work with call centers every day and know the specific design requirements needed to create a productive and functional space. You will work with the same person, even if you have centers in multiple locations, creating a more efficient communication stream. Since we keep electronic records of every project, reconfigurations and additions down the line are a breeze. Contact us and we will provide complimentary space planning services with no obligation to buy.


Navega (

Telecommunications company whose main activity develops in the data transport industry. Voice over IP (VOIP), videoconference and internet, that provides bandwidth connectivity services, with quality standards at world range and customer service schemes, by means of a modern fiber optic nd cooper infrastructure as well as wireless links.

Navega’s strategic objective has consisted in meeting the market’s unsatisfied needs, specifically orientated to the corporate (financial and nonfinancial sector with operations at regional, national and international range) We strive to satisfy the communication needs, providing quality connectivity services.

This company presents it’s self to the market, as the best alternative for telecommunication transport and technological bridge where video, voice and data technologies converge. 



UNITEC institutions encompass four campuses throughout Honduras:

UNITEC in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula
CEUTEC in Tegucigalpa and La Ceiba

Honduran private university member of Laureate International Universities, the world’s largest and leading private university network with 31 higher education institutions in North America, Latin America, Australia, Europe, and Asia, which represents at least 80 campuses and two online organizations, with over 500,000 students worldwide.








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